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Nostalgia on Packaging of the World

Nostalgia relates to the melancholy feeling of missing someone or some moment, it is an internal wish to revisit good old memories that may never happened, to yearn for distant blurred past days. “Nostalgia” was created in times of lockdown and social distancing, a conceptual beer packaging that creates an imaginary environment in which each

Liakou Estate on Packaging of the World

Agency: noon design+branding Creative Director: Stelios Pseftogas Photographer: Thanos Kartsoglou Printing: Cabas S.A. Location: Greece Project Type: Produced Client: Liakou Estate – Winery Product Launch Location: Global Packaging Contents: Wine Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper Printing Process: Flexography, screen printing, foil stamping Inspired by the natural environment surrounding the vineyards of the Liakou

Sacramento Craft Cocktail on Packaging of the World

Agency: Domo Studio Designer: Camila Omelischuk Designer: Pietro Ventura Location: Portugal Project Type: Concept Packaging Contents: Cocktail Packaging Substrate / Materials: Alimunium Can Sacramento Craft Cocktail challenged us to create a family of canned cocktail labels for the young and urban Brazilian audience. An experimental project, where we explore the use of a straightforward language

a Folhadinha – Arabic food on Packaging of the World

Design: André Candeloro Location: Brazil Project Type: Produced Client: a Folhadinha Product Launch Location: Americas Packaging Contents: Delivery box, delivery bag, stickers Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, kraft paper, BOPP paper Printing Process: Flexography, Cerigraphy, Digital printing Folhadinha is an Arab restaurant located in the city of São Paulo – Brazil. On its menu we

War On Weeds on Packaging of the World

Design: Andy Wilson Location: United Kingdom Project Type: Student Project School: University of Central Lancashire Tutor: Andy Bainbridge Packaging Contents: Weed Killer Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Paper, Metal Printing Process: Stencil Gardeners are engaged in a never ending battle to reclaim their gardens from wave after wave of weeds. To help sway the tie

Den Gamle Fabrik Fruit Juice on Packaging of the World

Agency: Everland Design Director: Mikael Tonning Senior Designer: Jin Fujiwara Location: Denmark Project Type: Produced Client: Den Gamle Fabrik Product Launch Location: Denmark Packaging Contents: Fruit Juice Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle Confidence and craft. Two essential ingredients for Danish design agency Everland’s rebranding of Danish confectionary brand Den Gamle Fabrik. Source link

Prussia Cove on Packaging of the World

Design: Sam Holcroft Location: United Kingdom Project Type: Student Project School: University of Central Lancashire Tutor: Jon Harker Packaging Contents: Alcohol Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Tissue Paper Contraband Rum from Cornwall, based on the smuggling family of Prussia CoveThe Carters were a family of Cornish smugglers active in the late 18th century operating

NUGGS Launch Kit on Packaging of the World

Design: Mindprizm Creative Studio Creative Director: Michael Dockery Copywriter: Shawn Finger Photographer: Starboard & Port Location: United States Project Type: Produced Client: McCain Foods USA Product Launch Location: United States Packaging Contents: Selling materials, campaign materials, and custom to-go plant-chicken containers Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, string, magnetic gatefold Printing Process: Offset printing Plants don’t

Mates City Drinks on Packaging of the World

Design: Anna Ivanova Location: Russia Project Type: Concept Packaging Contents: Lemonade Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle Mates City Drinks produces and sells natural lemonades and other beverages. They create excellent and unique recipes, sell drinks in cafes and bars and also deliver them to people. Mates founder reached out to me to create a