Bervena Gratitud on Packaging of the World

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Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Verbena Gratitud
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Mezcal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, bottle glass
Printing Process: Digital printing

Verbena is a popular festival of a town or a neighborhood of a city, normally
associated with a saint and celebrated at night, as in the case of the
well-known San Juan festival on the summer solstice. In its traditional model
it included dancing and typical food and drink stalls, and all kinds of
trinkets. Sometimes the organization of the verbena prepares a contest of
typical dances of the area or of dances called ballroom. Children’s festivals
can also be considered those that are held on the last day of the course.

The word verbena, with which the “evening of popular rejoicing that is
celebrated on the eve of certain festivities” is designated, corresponded to
the name of a plant, the “verbena” (Verbena officinalis), small, of cabbage
flower …

Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation and esteem for a good received,
spiritual or material, which is expressed in the voluntary desire for
correspondence through words or through a gesture. Being a feeling, gratitude
is not an obligation.

The word gratitude comes from the Latin “gratitudo”, a term that in turn is
formed from the root gratus, which means ‘pleasant’ and the suffix tudo, which
expresses quality.

We unite the Words Verbena & Gratitude and their symbolism creating a drink as
a ritual of gratitude to our clients and friends.

A drink made with DOCTRINO mezcal to celebrate the end of the year and the
development of new projects.

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