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SINESTESIA – London Dry Gin on Packaging of the World

Designer: Emi Renzi Graphic Designer and illustrator: Agustin Pizarro Maire Location: Argentina Project Type: Produced Client: SINESTESIA Product Launch Location: Argentina Packaging Contents: Gin Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Paper Printing Process: Digital printing SINESTESIA allows us to enjoy those unique moments in which we need to relax and enjoy. It is a London

Quinta das Avelleiras on Packaging of the World

Design: MPFXDESIGN Location: Portugal Project Type: Produced Client: Quinta das Aveleiras Product Launch Location: Global Packaging Contents: Wine Packaging Substrate / Materials: glass bottle, paper Printing Process: Screen printing, high relief , offset “Nature reserved for you” is the message we wish to convey. The aim was to obtain a distinct, contemporary image harmoniously reconciling

Fürstkeg on Packaging of the World

Design: Wellhead Location: Russia Project Type: Produced Client: X5 Retail Group Product Launch Location: Russia Packaging Contents: Beer Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Printing Process: Flexography The new beer brand developed for one of the biggest Russian retailers. We were tasked with naming and design for the beer. It is producing in Germany that’s why

Repository on Packaging of the World

Design: Abdelrahman Khaled Location: Egypt Project Type: Produced Product Launch Location: Egypt Packaging Contents: Coffee Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum Printing Process: Digital printing Repository is an Arabian coffee roaster based in Saudi Arabia. They have their own special production of coffee. Repository provides a unique type of coffee and they supply

Valentia on Packaging of the World

Agency: Backbone Brand Wondering Branding Art Director: Daniel Galarza Creative Director: Rebecca Londoño Location: Colombia Project Type: Concept Packaging Contents: Bottles Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass Bottle Printing Process: Digital Printing Valentia is a brand that pays tribute to the wisdom of the forest present in personal care products for daily use. Sometimes magic

Blooming Good Food Company on Packaging of the World

Design: Brandon Location: United Kingdom Project Type: Produced Client: Symington’s Product Launch Location: United Kingdom Packaging Contents: Plant-based ambient foods Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic tube & cardboard outer Veganuary is set to be the biggest since it began in 2014, and while many people are hesitant to cut out meat altogether, there are a

In Your Face on Packaging of the World

Designers: Anastasia Rene Location: Russia Project Type: Student Project Packaging Contents: Self defense spray cans Packaging Substrate / Materials: Spray cans Printing Process: Digital printing Spray cans on the market women’s self-defense is rather hinted at weakness and inability to defend oneself, we want to change it and transform annoying models! We have developed several

BEGY on Packaging of the World

Design: Aram Atyan Location: Armenia Project Type: Produced Product Launch Location: United States Packaging Contents: Energy drink Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Printing Process: Dry Offset BEGY is an energy drink with an easy to remember name, that is a combination of Battery and Energy words and the label itself represent and reminds us a

Ice Ice Baby – Popsicle on Packaging of the World

Design: Paurali Patil Co-owner: Nidhi Shah Location: India Project Type: Student Project School: ISDI School of Design and Innovation Tutor: Utkarsha Malkar Packaging Contents: Ice Popsicles Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bagasse, Cellophane Sheets Printing Process: Flexography To rescue yourself on a hot summer day with a refreshing ice popsicle made out of fresh juicy fruits,

Alta Fibra Bread on Packaging of the World

Design: DingDong Estudio Location: Costa Rica Project Type: Produced Client: Granix Product Launch Location: Costa Rica Packaging Contents: Bread Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Printing Process: Flexography For Alta Fibra Granix breads, the client wanted to renew the design of their packaging, but without losing the essence of the original packaging. We consider the main