Kai – Chinese Calligraphy Kit (書法盒) on Packaging of the World

Design: Alicia Lee
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Taylors University
Packaging Contents: Brush, Ink, Ink Pan, Booklet Guide, Practice Book, Postcards, Creative Sheets
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Art Card, Matte Sticker Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

A convenient and mobile Chinese calligraphy kit catered for beginners who are interested in Chinese calligraphy and aren’t fluent in Mandarin. It guides the user and educates them on the art form itself. The Kai-ligraphy kit is designed to be fun and inviting in hopes of reviving this art form and giving it a fresh coat of paint to draw in the younger generation.

What’s Unique?
The structure of the kai-ligraphy kit is designed to be mobile as to encourage consumers to not only reuse the packaging but also to bring it wherever they go. When the kit is first opened there are two sections, one holding the tools needed as well as a pouch that opens up to reveal a section that holds the booklet guide, practice book and creative sheets while the other is a pocket that holds the postcards.

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