NOC: The Luxury Collection on Packaging of the World

Printing Process: Tuck Case is luxuriously crafted with 4 Levels of 3D Emboss Technology

Tuck Box design for NOC: The Luxury Collection playing cards

The NOC Luxury Collection comes in Three Editions – The GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE. Each is elegantly housed respectfully with their colours in a Premium FOILED tuck case. Giving you the ultimate experience of luxury, as if you are holding actual playing card treasures.

The luxurious tuck case finely infuses Two Hot Foil stamps, elevating the overall appearance of the box. To achieve such a sophisticated result, the tuck case went through 4 Levels of the state-of-the-art 3D emboss technology, from the shortest 0.12mm to 1mm level of emboss, giving you multiple shines and shimmers from different angles. Let the light shine in.

The front of the tuck case has the classic NOC Logo embossed on an extravagant Kurz Foil imported from Germany. The whole front of the luxurious tuck case looks like a Gold/Silver/Bronze metal plate, emitting it’s richness to any card enthusiast.

The back of the tuck case doesn’t fall behind in the decorativeness and richness of detail. Instead of the grand showcase of the name in the front of the tuck case, we are greeted with decorative spade patterns that are Blind embossed on a 300 gsm premium matte finish shimmering paper imported all the way from Italy.

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