The Right Guys: Speakeasy of Finance World

Agency: ByAllMeans
Creative Director / Lead Designer: Anna Sun (Belousova)
Designer: Rebeka Markovičová
Designer: Macarena iara Fernandez
Copywriter (Czech language): Pavel Brazda
3d Designer: Evgeny Andrianov
Front-end Developer: Art Segalas
Location: Czech Republic
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Right Guys
Product Launch Location: Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Office Supplies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

When we started working on this project, we came in to a room and saw five guys full of enthusiasm and passion for their work, but certain inability to verbally and visually express it. They had a big belief that everyone can achieve financial independence, which ultimately opens doors to simple human happiness. We fell in love with their spirit, knowledge and philosophy and embarked on a journey of making their service appear as great as it deserves to be.

Together with former IDF Group (Investment, Debt & Finance Group), we reinvented them and built a completely new brand, based on their values and unique type of service. We renamed them to The Right Guys to emphasise their main strength – connections, and make them appear approachable and easy going. They have the right guy for any situation within their network – their finance guy, their IT guy, their food truck guy… They are like your good resourceful friend who seems to always have the right connections. The Right Guys: Your people in the world of finance.

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